Marketing Slip Slant Case

Slip into something more comfortable.

Even materials that mainly reside on shelves need a little presentation. Custom slip cases store materials in a unique, organized fashion. So named for their function, a slip case is a box-like cover that fits--slips--perfectly over another item like a sleeve. This cover can be used to protect your packaging as well as provide additional product information, or give it a subtle, stylish appearance. Great for training materials or collected editions. Magazines, books, even DVDs and Blu Ray collections can benefit from high-end slip case packaging. A stylish gift set of a favorite TV series or movie collection can turn a something utilitarian into a showpiece.

Enhance your shelf life with turned edge slip cases.

Turned edge slip cases are an excellent way to enhance custom binders and hardcover books. Or use a slip case as a unique cover for a two piece box. These slip cases are rigid and completely customizable, much like our other rigid boxes and binders.  Most often seen with a three ring binder or a finely-bound book, custom slip cases offer the original packaging a little more real estate for graphic design and visual enhancement of the piece. Let Sunrise Packaging guide your next packaging project to meet your exact specification.


Custom Features

  • Stylish, protected storage.
  • Easy to recognize organization.
  • Personalized for brand recognition.

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MAPP Slip Slant Case

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