Custom Turned Edge Setup Boxes

Turned edge setup boxes turn heads.

Turned edge setup boxes is an upscale packaging option perfect for retail and promotional products. Our popular two piece set up boxes pair the modern trends in packaging with a timeless unboxing. Finishing with our signature turned edges gives your custom box rugged versatility, while showcasing your product to make it stand out from the competition. With several customization options, turned edge setup boxes can be a powerful branding tool for those who want the best of both worlds: durability and luxury.

What we do is who we are.

Sunrise Packaging's specialty is turned edges. We know this technique adds a polished look that can be the deciding factor in the wilds of retail markets. We take the time and care to add this upscale technique to your custom two piece setup box for a truly artistic finish. A properly wrapped edge sends a powerful message of completion, durability, and value. Give the outside packaging the same quality as the product within.


Custom Features

Retail Setup Box

Two Piece Setup Box

Turned Edge Retail Box