Help us serve you by following the instructions below.

Layout Dimensions

A dimensioned template for your product order is included with these instructions.


Use at least 80 pound Litho quality paper stock to resist damage during shipping, handling & insertion. An Aqueous Coating is highly recommended for improved handling and reduced scrap rates.


Please trim your materials to the finished trim size. If you prefer, we can cut your material to actual final size for an additional charge.


For trap ins – please supply at least 10% overs in case of damage during various production stages. For outside cover stock that we will laminate – please supply at least 20% overs as we incur waste in both lamination and turning procedures.

Avoiding Warpage and Witness Marks

Use solid boards on the top and bottom of your material stack avoid rippling from pallet slats and witness marks from banding. Shrink wrapping unprotected paper can damage or curl edges.


We need your materials at least 10 business days prior to scheduled production start. Please plan for your materials to reach us on 3 to 4 weeks prior to expected delivery.

Shipping Instructions

 Please clearly label and send your materials (and include your Sales Order Number, Company and Descriptive Title) to:

a. Sunrise Packaging, Inc.

c/o Sales Order ######

9937 Goodhue Street NE

Blaine, MN 55449-4433


We will call or email a confirmation when your materials have been received.

We require your materials 10 days before we begin production. As a custom job shop, it takes several hours of labor to “set up” each unique job. Each job uses multiple manual and robotic stations orchestrated to move seamlessly from one to the next. We cannot store partially completed products in our system. If any of the materials are not documented as “received”, we must defer setting up your job and it will lose its place in our production queue. Help us help you by sending your materials as soon as possible.

Thank you for your business with Sunrise Packaging. We appreciate your order.