Bring your graphics front and center.

Embossing is an artistic technique which creates a pattern on a material such as paper, metal, fabric, leather, or wood. The image or pattern is accentuated by depressing the background, making your logo or brand really pop on your custom box. Different techniques mean your images can be either raised or in relief, depending on how it is embossed. Embossing involves the creation of an impression by placing the dies in contact with the stock under high pressure.


Give your box extra character with custom embossing.

Embossing is a great way to bring the focus back to your logo in a stylish way. A little bit classic, a little bit contemporary, let an embossed design add value and depth to a normally two-dimensional design. Or bring lettering to life in a way that's sure to stand out. Like debossing, custom embossing has its own array of side options. Contacting the experts at Sunrise Packaging will be a quick way to filter through your options and decide the style that best represents your brand, product, and overall design.



  • Added depth and contrast.
  • Standout shelf appeal.
  • Optional foil stamping.