Make a big impression.


Debossing is the reverse of embossing. Unlike embossing, in which the background is depressed in order to raise up a particular font or graphic, debossing imprints the lettering or image into the package's surface. The image--whether a logo, brand, or title--is heat-pressed into the surface of the paper with a heated die, creating depressions rather than raised impressions as in embossing. This similar, more traditional technique creates subtle elegance with just a hint of texture.


Custom debossing offers flexible imprint options.

Debossing techniques vary. A blind deboss is a bare depression, colored in only by its own depth and shadow. A registered deboss is applied with ink to strengthen the visual appeal. Screen Printing and Foil stamping are examples of registered debossing. The print is debossed using a die exactly registered to the silk screen print. In foil stamping, the foil is transferred to the material using a special die and then the same die is used to deboss the area. At Sunrise Packaging, we take care to make sure your customizations accent your brand without detracting from it.



  • Added depth adds value.
  • Make your logo into a classic seal.
  • Foil stamp for a sharper contrast.