A box design built for YOU.

Presentation packaging isn't about stock boxes or seeing what's in the storage closet. It's about creating a custom box design that is the precise fit for a client's brand, product, or organization. Our customer service is more than just a promise of one-on-one attention, it's about understanding the exact needs of your packaging solution. Our expert staff takes into account not just the dimensions of the product, but also the value and the fragility. And that's just the start. We're confident that our knowledge of the manufacturing process coupled with our grasp of luxury packaging trends, we can create a box design that not only reflects your brand, but compliments your product. Who knows--we may invent something entirely new just for you!

Find out what  'concept to completion' really means.

Companies throw around that phrase like candy at a parade, but when you partner with Sunrise Packaging, you'll know we mean it. Whether your box design starts with a sketch on a napkin or a few hand gestures, our specialty is turning a rough idea into a reality. Our facility has the means to cover all aspects of the job, including those little details the other guys won't touch. Our commitment to full-service assembly means we can wrap, preload, and ship your packaged product, hassle-free.

You call it a custom box design. We call it a packaging solution.

Sometimes it's more than just a box. At Sunrise, we don't just shoehorn a product into a box--we'll work for you and with you to build a truly unique packaging solution that will fit your product like a fine suit.