Think of SBS Paperboard as "Luxury Packaging Lite."

Solid Bleached Sulphate, or SBS boxes are very similar to corrugated cardboard projects in that it ships flat and assembles easy. Unlike corrugated, however, paperboard prints like a dream. The result? A lightweight custom box with all the benefits of luxury packaging, but at a fraction of the price. For lighter, inexpensive products, SBS is ideal for retail packaging. Since the paperboard itself gets printed on and the material is so similar to a clean sheet of paper, graphics transfer in the highest quality. Add in the protection of an aqueous coating lamination and you have an exciting visual display on a smaller scale.

Versatile alternative to plastic inserts.

Often referred to as folding carton, SBS paperboard is lightweight and folded into its end product when you need it. Perfect for retail applications or printed inserts, paperboard is a thinner option than fluted cardboard. When you don't want the packaging to cost more than the product inside, but don't want to lose the elegant flair of presentation packaging, let Sunrise Packaging guide your next SBS project. Choose from  a variety of styles. With our pro staff of packaging experts, we'll create a custom box design that will do circles around the competition.