Make the first and last impression.

Before the handshake, before the foot in the door, sales kits are the first impression. Marketing kits, launch kits, press kits--whatever you call them, they represent the best way to showcase a new product line, giving your clientele a hands-on, interactive experience. Neither print ad nor email can replace the tactile presentation of putting your product at their fingertips. Add value and flash to your product rollout by presenting it in a unique way.

Grow your brand. 

Pack your product with branded items such as USB drives, t-shirts, water bottles. Everyday-use items bearing your name and logo will extend your brand presence. Custom sales kits come in all shapes and sizes. Featuring high-quality turned edge construction for sturdiness and style, and precise-fitting die cut foam to cleanly present your product, these boxes exude elegance and charm.

With Sunrise Packaging's custom manufacturing, we take your product and concept and help you build the packaging your brand deserves. You'll have control of every detail that goes into your kit, from graphic design to custom inserts and upgrades. Every aspect of your sales kit is uniquely tailored to you and your message. For products large and small, we create packaging solutions that come in a variety of styles.