Great media deserves media presentation packaging.

Presentation packaging definitely lends itself nicely to all forms of media. It can be difficult to make a CD, DVD, or book appear as exciting outside as the contents within. At the end of the day, it's just plastic and paper. Not much of retail presence. Media presentation packaging can take a book series and make it into a custom boxed collection. The prize of any home library. Television shows and movies can be upgraded to collector's edition boxed sets containing new graphics, info, and even souvenirs or figurines thanks to custom thermoformed molds. Turn a recorded speech into a keepsake, a book on tape into an heirloom, with media presentation packaging. Creative packaging makes for a creative unboxing!

Your media. Your style. Our expertise.

Sunrise Packaging has years of experience providing our customers with high quality custom boxes. We know the that dressing up a product with upscale media presentation packaging can be the difference between someone just buying a product and giving a gift. Let your packaging reflect what's inside.


Deathnote Media Presentation Box

Medical Media Presentation Packaging