NetBox™: Rigid Cigar Style Box

custom rigid cigar boxInvesting in sound packaging is an important decision, and one that should be accompanied with sufficient research and meticulous planning. Whether you are packaging a retail product to be sold in a store, or a high end promotional piece to represent your brand and draw people in, make sure you are able to get exactly what you are looking for within the means of your budget. At Sunrise, we manufacture and assemble turned edge, rigid boxes for marketing firms, retail suppliers, and even startup companies. A lot goes into the planning, setup, and production for these boxes often sold in large quantities (500 boxes + ). Tooling and setup charges are often deterrents to the purchaser, because they are an investment that isn’t directly the material charge. Setting up cutting dies and work stations take time and money so that the rest of the manufacturing process can go smoothly and efficiently.

Well, we have found a solution to the tooling charge woes. The customizable NetBox™ is a rigid cigar-style box that is perfect for marketing efforts and retail sales. All setup and tooling charges are already established which saves our customer money and hassle. The process of turned edge manufacturing allows the customer to have total control of their digital artwork or custom application to high-end fibers. At any rate, the end product is a presentable rigid box completely customized to your brand, adding value to the product and drawing the consumer closer to a final sale.

Hardcover Survival Kit

custom turned edgeThis kit comes all the way from Annyeong, South Korea. The need for this traveling “survival” kit came from the increasing number of visitors to Korea. In 2012, Korea reached 11 million foreigners visiting the country and it is expected to continuously grow. After much research, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, it was found that the worst issue that visitors experience in their travels is the language communication and the difficulty finding their way around. The brand Anneyoung, Korea (if you watch Arrested Development, you know that Annyeong means Hi) is a brand for foreigners travelling in Korea.

At Sunrise Packaging, we were taken by the hinged box that holds the kit and other components that are packed with a hard cover finish. The green hard cover box is a hinged set up that is durable with simplistic design. A custom foil stamp to the box typography adds a unique element that really pops. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the wrap on the turned edge box is a textured paper that exudes a luxurious and high quality feel. See more pictures on turned edge kit box


Custom Turned Edge: Boxes

At Sunrise Packaging, we specialize in turned edge manufacturing and box construction. There are so many details and custom features that are available with this particular manufacturing process that cannot possibly be explained in one post. Therefore, here is our recently completed turned edge catalog. It covers material options, product capabilities, and examples of our past work. Check out the custom boxes section! It includes ultra-custom sales kit packages, our classic cigar-style NetBox™, and various two piece box samples. Peruse the catalog for some packaging inspiration, and give us a call to find out if our manufacturing capabilities and your project are a good match!

Turned Edge by Sunrise Packaging, Inc.

What is a Turned Edge Cigar Box and How can it Promote your Product?

There are many different options when it comes to custom packaging your product. From turned edge boxes to corrugated/fluted boxes to poly boxes, the possibilities for a custom package seem to be endless. Although there are many possibilities, the cigar box is one of the most popular styles of turned edge boxes at Sunrise Packaging.

Naturally, when we hear the term cigar box, we think of boxes made out of a variety of materials such as wood to hold cigars. At Sunrise, we are referring to our custom turned edge cigar boxes, which are one of Sunrise Packaging’s most upscale boxes. The boxes are perfect to present products in when they need to show elegance. Our turned edge cigar boxes are highly customizable and have the same type of shape and hinge-lid closure as a traditional cigar box but are made with an assortment of cover materials.

The packaging can be custom designed with screen prints, foil stamp, embossing and debossing logos and tag lines. With so many customization options available for a custom turned edge cigar box, your custom package can be a powerful branding and marketing tool for your company. A strong, durable package with class speaks volumes of the quality and product(s) your company promotes.

For more information, watch the video below about the turned edge process!