What is a Turned Edge Cigar Box and How can it Promote your Product?

There are many different options when it comes to custom packaging your product. From turned edge boxes to corrugated/fluted boxes to poly boxes, the possibilities for a custom package seem to be endless. Although there are many possibilities, the cigar box is one of the most popular styles of turned edge boxes at Sunrise Packaging.

Naturally, when we hear the term cigar box, we think of boxes made out of a variety of materials such as wood to hold cigars. At Sunrise, we are referring to our custom turned edge cigar boxes, which are one of Sunrise Packaging’s most upscale boxes. The boxes are perfect to present products in when they need to show elegance. Our turned edge cigar boxes are highly customizable and have the same type of shape and hinge-lid closure as a traditional cigar box but are made with an assortment of cover materials.

The packaging can be custom designed with screen prints, foil stamp, embossing and debossing logos and tag lines. With so many customization options available for a custom turned edge cigar box, your custom package can be a powerful branding and marketing tool for your company. A strong, durable package with class speaks volumes of the quality and product(s) your company promotes.

For more information, watch the video below about the turned edge process!